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Last week, I told you how challenging and necessary it was for me to build my brand, and I got to work. A kind follower made that happen and I’m loving it. The developer was very patient and understood exactly what I needed, and that’s what made this experience very enjoyable for me. I learned some new web developing stuff this week – like obtaining API Keys and Embedded Codes. I was asked to fetch them and I did it like a pro.
I believe that every experience is a learning opportunity.

Aside from my Youtube Channel, I had to set up some Twitter handles for other content I manage.  @General_Oluchi is no longer the only handle I am associated with. I also own @Movies_withO, for movie recommendations; @Storieswitho, to update my fans about new podcasts and Youtube videos, and @Lyricswitho for music and lyrics. In case you haven’t noticed, I enjoy discussing music, lyrics, and how they should be understood. Every song was inspired by an experience, and once you discover it, you will enjoy the song better.

You might be wondering why there’s a Film Production tab on my website, and that’s because I have a passion for filmmaking long before I went to college to study Film and Media Studies in Communication. Years ago, I attempted to make my first horror movie, but that would be a story for another day. Can you see how everything is tied together, especially the movie recommendation Twitter account? Yes, I know you would. Next week will be all about getting these handles properly set up with their roles clearly defined. I hope you stick around because I have more exciting news to share with you. Thank you for your support so far, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my pages.

Warm Regards,

Why PR Management?

I always look forward to drafting a newsletter because I know it will inspire someone especially seeing more subscribers this week.
Did I ever tell you why I included PR Management on my website as one of the services I offer? Well, here’s the thing. I’ve always wanted to work behind the curtains for celebrities and individuals who want to maintain a decent public image. I consider myself an expert in the technical side of social media and I am able to make posts or tweets go viral and generate new interactive followers and users. First, I study my client’s audience and create the right strategy for a wider and more responsive reach.

I also understand the crisis of communications and how to address scandals and negative attacks whether my client is guilty or not. Yes, strategy is very crucial in matters like this. I wouldn’t want to wait until a crisis breaks before my client can respond to the negative publicity.
Another interesting thing is my ability to find potential sponsors and pitch the client. This is all because of my interpersonal skills, which means that I can get along with sponsors, agents, managers, stylists, etc. Overall, I am just starting little and working towards becoming the next big thing. Baby steps, right?

Enough of PR stuff! So, this week, I dabbled on something interesting for Stories With Oluchi and some of you noticed and commented on it. First, I now use new cool backgrounds for my Youtube Videos just to create the mood. I also tried on my old Canon M3 camera that I bought years ago for Vlogs but stopped using. surprisingly, it made my Youtube videos pop! So my cellphone can take a break. If you ever visit my Youtube channel, please Subscribe to support me.

If you read this far, then you’re the best! Thanks for your words of encouragement on Twitter. Next week, I will let you in on some other cool stuff I have been working on. Have a good day.

Warm Regards,

Youtube Hates My Content

Dear subscriber,

Where shall I begin? First of all, let me wish you a happy new year once again, although we are already into the second month of the new year. I must also apologize for leaving you guys in the dark all these while. It hasn’t been easy but I am very determined to get a lot of things done.Last year, I hinted about some plans for the brand, and this year, some plans are beginning to take shape, though gradually. I have been more focused on improving the quality of the content on my YouTube channel, Stories with Oluchi. I went from uploading a video once a week, to uploading three videos a week but I hit a stumbling block in the process.

YouTube hates my content!
I concluded this after series of videos were demonetized on my channel. After a lengthy research and appeals here and there, I realized that my content was difficult to be monetized. I wasn’t just telling stories, I told gory and visually disturbing stories which brands didn’t like placing their ads on. It was hurtful to me, but I had to find a way to keep my fans happy with fresh new videos while I figure out things at the back end.

What The Scare!
If you haven’t been to my website lately, there’s a new page at the top where I will share exclusive videos that didn’t make it to YouTube. So do check there to see what you missed. In the next coming weeks, I will share more updates with you so hang tight.NewslettersYou can access some important Newsletters on my website, but I will continue to share all newsletters on this platform. You don’t need to do anything at this time, I just want to let you know. Thank you for your support always. 

Warm Regards,

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